Turnify is a housekeeping automation platform giving hosts the ability to put their day to day on autopilot, whether you hire Turnify to clean, or bring your own cleaners. Turnify’s proprietary performance scorecards give any host the ability to boost the quality of their cleanings, in one simple screen.

With over one million guests served to date, Turnify found a dozen KPI’s that can indicate the projected or current performance of a housekeeper. Hosts can use Turnify’s Scorecard feature to view their housekeeping team’s ratings on an individual basis, making improving quality and incentivizing housekeeping teams simple.

Turnify App includes automatic scheduling, inventory reporting, ETA’s on cleaning completion (with a google maps integration that accounts for real time traffic data), post-clean photos complete with damage reports, In-app housekeeping messenger, editable checklists, and more.

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