Innovative Airbnb Cleaning Service Comes To Denver

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From the east to the south, and now… the west: GuestPrep (née AirCleanNSheen) is making some big moves across America in its fight to clean for all of Airbnb manKindness. So Denver hosts, now you can join fellow happy hosts in Washington D.C. and Austin as you say hello to your new little friend: a cleaning and laundry service tailored to Airbnb and short-term rental hosts.

Why is this exciting? Because GuestPrep doesn’t simply pick up the pieces before and after each guest, they design an experience. That’s where the “tailored” comes in: the 24-hour service fits clean, hotel-quality linens and bedding to each vacation rental accommodation. And the best part is that the service provides the sheets themselves and launder them offsite, which reduces both the amount of time the cleaners spend in the property and the cost for hosts.

But their specialties go beyond the bedroom. That’s right, they come ‘minibar’ included – whether you want to refresh current items or provide new supplies, GuestPrep will restock your Airbnb with your chosen ones. In a word, it makes your hosting business, well, professional.

GuestPrep’s Coloradoan debut deserves the limelight, so I reached out to founder Adam Falla for some more information about the brand and its new direction (which, as it turns out, will expand farther than Denver in the next few months).

First, What’s the story behind the rebrand?

AirCleanNSheen was too long a name and too platform specific and our clients often use multiple platforms to advertise their properties.  Also, we have other services on top of cleanings, such as laundry and supply stocking so we thought GuestPrep was a much better fit.


I agree. So, what sets GuestPrep apart from the other short-term rental cleaning and laundry services?

I think our quality sets us apart, we have very high standards and the fact that all our cleaners are W-2 employees, well managed and trained allows us to meet those standards consistently.  We understand how important consistent quality cleaning is to hosts so they ensure good reviews and we have built our business on providing that.


How do you find trustworthy and professional cleaners in new cities?

We advertise like all businesses but have a very thorough vetting process, we do extensive reference checking on every member of staff to ensure lots of former employees have good things to say and then we have an intense training period to get new cleaners up to speed with our processes.


 What brings you to Denver?

Obviously, Denver has always been one of the great tourism markets in the country with all the Mountains have to offer all year round, this combined with it being a very progressive city is reflected in the local Airbnb hosts community and these are the types of communities we want to serve.


Any plans for further expansion in the near future?

It’s clear that Adam and the GuestPrep team understands the needs of the short-term rental industry, which is important for hosts when trusting their reputations with a third-party service. So, hosts of Denver: it’s time to get excited about the new shiny asset to your Airbnb business.

Innovative Airbnb Cleaning Service Comes To Denver
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