How To Wake Up From Host Fatigue

How To Wake Up From Host Fatigue - Guesty

The renowned ancient Chinese philosopher, Confucius once said: “Airbnb can be really simple, but overworked hosts sometimes insist on making it complicated” (c. 452 B.C.). More likely than not, you’ve had at least one instance of host fatigue in your Airbnb career. And host fatigue makes Airbnb complicated. Maybe you’ve experienced that all too familiar yearning to once again walk around your own home in just wearing your underwear. Maybe you’ve woken up in a cold sweat wondering if you sent your guests the right check-in manual. Maybe you’ve woken up at 3AM grasping for your Airbnb mobile app. Or maybe you’ve even daydreamt about changing linens for each new traveler (but only on laundry day, of course, let’s not get too carried away).

Whatever the incident, it undoubtedly paralyzed you for the time being. And no one can host well when he or she is completely washed over by hosting worries and woes – it takes a very strong soul to persevere through host fatigue. But Confucius powered through it, and so can you.

Before you read, take the quiz below to measure how at-risk you are for host fatigue…

How, you ask? For one, Confucius relayed his hosting anxiety onto Guesty, who proudly relieved his burden by managing his properties and taking care of everything having to do with guests, cleaners, and other services (one of our earlier customers). But the great teacher also learned from other sources of host fatigue relief. These sources have withstood the test of time, and fortunately can still be of service for contemporary host fatigue-ers.

1. Come Up For Air

Consistently putting your place on the Airbnb market can run your vulnerable hosting mind up a wall. You’ll have to constantly be on top of property management, you’ll need to be prompt with communication, and you’ll certainly have no time to walk around in your underwear. While definitely the more lucrative option, back-to-back bookings run the risk of minor slip-ups, and the risk of minor slip-ups runs the risk of host fatigue. Take a breather between guests to give yourself the chance to re-set so you won’t catch yourself dreaming about linens and how to make the “perfect bed”.

2.  Take It Easy

The simpler your hosting mantra, the less room you leave for that fatigue to get a word in edgewise. Even Airbnb itself suggests a simplistic hosting method, anything more is “crazypants.”  Try to streamline your approach to maximize your performance and minimize cost and worry. Besides, crazypants are the last thing you need when you’re trying to make time for your underwear day.

3. Make It Someone Else’s Problem

There’s no reason for you to tire yourself out when you can be tiring someone else out while living and hosting carefree. We can be that someone. We’ll wear the weight of the host fatigue, while you’ll free up your time for… whatever it is that you do in your free time. Confucius took this opportunity and meditated, and then he went down in history.

How To Wake Up From Host Fatigue
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