What Is Guesty’s Homeowners Portal and Why Should Property Managers Use It?

Homeowners Portal - Guesty

A Quick Tour of Guesty’s Homeowners Portal

A lot of what we talk about here at Guesty has to do with your guests – how to appeal to them, communicate with them and give them a 5-star experience. But another, rather important group of people is the homeowners. They are the ones signing your checks after all.

When entrusting their short-term rentals to property managers, homeowners obviously expect solid booking rates, satisfied guests, and professionally-run operations. But what they also want and need is to be kept in the loop. With a vested interest in the success of each of their listings, your clients trust that you will put in the time and effort to update them about their properties’ performance, but between all of your obligations as a property manager, your schedule is kind of tight. That’s where Guesty’s Homeowners Portal comes in.

Here are some of the convenient features of Guesty’s Homeowners Portal


The Homeowners Portal offers your clients clear analytics reports that detail each property’s yearly and monthly revenues, compare their performances to one another and depict notable trends. Helpful visuals bring the numbers to life so that the data is easy to absorb and apply strategically.

Homeowners Portal


Customizable Access

Property managers can choose just how much information they’d like to share with homeowners and can limit access accordingly. With our most recent update, property managers can also opt to allow homeowners to reserve time in their properties directly from the portal by blocking off the desired dates in that property’s calendar.

Brand Compatibility

The portal is external to your central Guesty dashboard, which means it allows for full white labeling so that property managers will see your brand rather than Guesty’s. This is another way to increase your brand awareness and show clients that you run a professional operation.

Multiple Languages

With availability in 11 different languages, the portal knocks down any language barriers that may stand between homeowners and property managers. Even if the data is entered in one language, the page can be automatically translated into any of the other ten.

Yet to Come

But wait, there’s more! Guesty’s product team is working hard to keep our clients’ clients happy. Under development is the automation of homeowner tasks, which means that when a homeowner reserves time in their property, a set of customized tasks will be assigned to ensure everything that needs to be done gets done. For instance, if your client prefers specific sheets or that the pool be heated ahead of time, the relevant personnel will be alerted automatically, and will know that this isn’t a “typical” guest preparation.

Also under development is a homeowners inbox, which won’t be in the actual portal, rather on the property manager’s general dashboard, and will provide an easy means of communicating with homeowners. As the unified inbox does with guest communication, the homeowners inbox will centralize all correspondence with homeowners.

Do it all, and still be home in time for dinner

All of Guesty’s features are designed to enable property managers to save time and energy without sacrificing the level of service they provide. The homeowners portal offers a valuable means of strengthening your relationship with your clients without needing to glue your bluetooth into your ear. Homeowners can rest assured that they can always check in on their properties’ performance and get all the relevant information in a clear, comprehensible way.

What Is Guesty’s Homeowners Portal and Why Should Property Managers Use It?
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