Product Webinar: Keep Guests Happy & Protect Your Rentals With Guesty’s Pre-Stay Tools

March 07, 2021 |

As any property management company knows, there are many elements that go into carrying out a successful booking from start to finish. In addition to providing clear & consistent communication beforehand, keeping guests satisfied during their stays, and scheduling operational tasks like cleanings between each booking, it’s also critical to make sure you’re taking the necessary measures from liability and guest experience standpoints too. That means collecting all the details you need before check-in to protect your properties, prevent any fraudulent activity, and comply with local protocols- while also ensuring the full experience you’re delivering to guests is top-notch.

With these pre-stay operations being a key aspect of any booking you acquire, we here at Guesty have made sure our platform is equipped to simplify and automate these processes wherever possible. 

First, let’s get a better understanding of why it’s so important to have certain measures in place as a part of your routine for all your upcoming stays.

With so many boxes to check-off before guests enter your properties, one of our tools created to help you easily gather more information about your guests before their arrival is our Check-In Form. 

With one form to collect all the details you need from guests to verify their identities (and special requests) pre-stay, you can better prepare for their arrivals and ultimately limit the need to contact these guests during their stay. This guarantees a better experience for them in your properties. 

Watch below to get a closer look at how our Check-In Form tool can transform the way you gather information from guests, and see how it can even be automated for an added layer of efficiency.

Another aspect of your pre-stay routine involves making sure you have done what’s necessary to protect your properties and the assets within them. For that, Guesty offers our users Rental Agreements.

Our simple, automated Rental Agreement tool makes it easy to obtain the acknowledgement you need from guests to behave in-property and how to handle payments, protecting you in instances of damaged property, false chargeback claims, or any other issues that may arise and pose a threat to your business.

See more about how Rental Agreements work in the video below.

Using Guesty’s Pre-Stay Tools will benefit your business in more ways than one. From having an easy way to collect important information, to giving you peace of mind knowing your properties are protected, these tools can aid in your preparation for guests’ arrivals in a number of different ways. 

Watch the video below to see the full scope of benefits that come when using these tools.

If you’re a Guesty user and would like to begin using our Pre-Stay Tools, click here to find out how to get started.

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*When collecting guest data via Guesty, make sure you are in compliance with the Terms & Conditions of the online travel agents (OTAs) from which your reservations are coming from.