GuestyVal Guide: Taking Advantage of Your Time in Tel Aviv

Get Ready For a Good Time in Tel-Aviv - Guesty

If you booked your ticket with some extra time in Tel Aviv planned, you made the right choice.

You may have already heard that it’s a popular destination – and if you’re wondering why, there’s a lot you can learn about Tel Aviv from its nicknames. People often call it:

The White City, due to 4,000+ Bauhaus-style buildings spanning the skyline.

The Startup City, where lots of idea exchange and creativity is made possible by a highly diverse community.

The Bubble, referencing the different political and cultural dispositions of Tel Aviv residents compared to the rest of the country.

The City That Never Sleeps, because the nightlife here goes on all night, every night.

And the list goes on. But one thing is certain – once you’re here, you’ll see what all the fuss is about. Make sure you’ve grabbed your tickets to GuestyVal so that you can use your free time to embark on some of these favorite activities.

Rent & Ride a Bike to the Port

Tel Aviv has two main ports, and countless public bicycle rental stations in between. First, decide whether you’re heading north to Namal for its cutting-edge food and shopping, or south to Jaffa to experience the look (and taste!) of a town dating back more than 1,000 years. Then, pick a rental location, grab a bike and ride off into the sunrise – or sunset.

Paddle-boat or Kayak the Yarkon River

Park Hayarkon crosses Tel Aviv from its eastern edge all the way west to the sea, with a beautiful river running through it. It won’t take you long to spot the ever-present activity of park yoga, water hobbies, and other sports all around. Visit the station down by the riverbed to rent your vehicle of choice and float on through the scenery.

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Tel Aviv Museum of Art

With much-celebrated permanent and cutting edge temporary exhibits, this museum is often called the best in the country. It dates all the way back to 1932, with its newest wing added just in the last few years. In a society that often has more questions than answers, the local art housed here is a thought-provoking way to understand Israeli culture – and a great way to hide from the scorching sun as a bonus.

Go on a Graffiti Tour

Patrolled less by police than by hipsters, the little district of Florentin is an open canvas for experimentation. From restaurants to fashion, it’s bursting with creativity – and graffiti! While you can count on seeing some interesting wall art from just about any place to sit down, this beloved guided tour will show you everything from the political to the ridiculous.

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Food Tours in the Shuk

It’s every local’s favorite dilemma: choosing from the huge variety of addictively good food available in the shuk. But why choose one when you can taste it all? Check out this tour of all the best foods in the market. As a bonus, there are tours available for several other markets so that you can choose the closest or most appealing to you.

Explore the Jaffa Flea Market (Shuk HaPishpishim)

The town of Jaffa has a long and rich history spanning over a thousand years, much of which has been preserved culturally, architecturally, and edibly! Take a stroll around the old town, and pair it with some dining and shopping in the shuk area, where you’re sure to find all kinds of goods from hip clothes to the antiques of its beautiful past.

Jazz Night, Every Night!

There’s a quiet but powerful jazz community in Tel Aviv that likes to stay underground; large crowds and tranquil jazz are a famously bad pair. You can catch captivating performances by local artists almost every night at Beit Haamudim (central) or Shablul (north).

Picnic at HaBima Square

Grab a sandwich and lemonade next door, sit down amongst the trees and enjoy surround-sound recordings of the local philharmonic. The sandbox was technically built for children, but hey – don’t let that stop you.

Nachlat Binyamin Street Art Market

When the sun comes up on Tuesdays and Fridays, the street parallel to Shuk HaCarmel blocks off the road to allow artists to set up their craft stands all along the road and people to wander freely and follow their eyes.

Uh-oh… do you suddenly wish you had WAY more time in Tel Aviv? If you thought you were excited for GuestyVal before, we hope this only excites you more. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, there’s still time to make sure you get a sweet taste of Tel Aviv along with it.

And don’t worry – if you think you’ll just have to make another trip to see it all, you’ll always be welcomed back with cold beers, hot falafel, and lots of sunshine.

GuestyVal Guide: Taking Advantage of Your Time in Tel Aviv
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