Guesty Announces Integration With VirtualKEY

Guesty Announces Integration With VirtualKEY

More good news for Guesty customers! We are very excited to welcome the newest addition to Guesty’s rapidly expanding integrations marketplace – VirtualKEY.

VirtualKEY is bringing the power of smart home automation to the vacation rental industry.

Founded in 2016, this company isn’t pulling any punches! It already provides its remote keyless entry system to properties in over 175 cities across the US, Europe, and South America.

In addition to facilitating easy remote keyless entry, granting guests more flexible check-in and check-out times, and allowing managers and travelers to forego the hassle of coordinating key exchanges, VirtualKEY offers other valuable functions, like the pre-heating of pools prior to guest arrivals, as well as the regulation of thermostats whenever a property is vacant.

Equally convenient is VirtualKEY’s automated smart workflow feature, which sends an alert to cleaning staff as soon as a guest checks out, and then notifies an inspector once maintenance is complete. After a property has been inspected and approved, the manager is automatically informed that the rental is once again ready for use.

What really sets this Chicago-based company apart from its competitors, is its brand agnosticism; VirtualKEY technology works with any smart lock and is compatible with over 200 home automation devices!

Now that it has joined forces with Guesty, VirtualKEY can instantly access your listings, generate a unique four-digit passcode for each of your guests, and start working its magic.

At Guesty, we are excited about the many ways this new partnership can benefit our users. Removing keys from the equation can save property managers in costs as it means fewer staff members – or none at all – are required to facilitate check in and checkout. A keyless entry system streamlines the rental process, freeing up our clients to focus on the growth of their businesses rather than key exchanges and the periodical lock change or key replacement.

Most importantly, smooth and easy check-in, as well as the other features VirtualKEY provides, are sure to enhance guest experience, resulting in positive reviews and a greater number of returning guests and referrals.

This new addition to Guesty’s expanding integration marketplace was fueled by our ongoing mission to simplify the management process as much as possible and to enable quick synchronization with external features that further that goal.

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For those property managers who utilize VirtualKEY’s entry system, but are unfamiliar with Guesty’s services, feel free to check us out. As a VirtualKEY customer, you will clearly see the benefits of smart, time-saving tools.

Adding Guesty to your support system will give you access to the most advanced management resources in the industry, including a channel manager that makes it possible to manage listings from multiple platforms in one place. Guesty also provides tools that automate various aspects of short-term property management, a unified inbox that centralizes all communication with clients, and so much more.

With the combination of Guesty’s advanced management features and VirtualKEY’s dependable remote keyless entry system, you’re free to focus your energies on growing your business instead of wondering where you left your keys.

Guesty Announces Integration With VirtualKEY
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