Guesty adds RemoteLock to third-party services suite


Lockstate Integration

Property management solutions firm Guesty has added cloud-based virtual lock RemoteLock to its integrations marketplace.

It means Guesty’s property manager customers can use the WiFi-powered lock technology to allow guests access to their rental properties.

RemoteLock was developed by IoT back in 2012 and has been introduced by Guesty in a bid to make life easier for property managers.

It also enables property managers to check in on their rentals and notifies them whenever the locks are accessed.

“Partnering with leading property management solution providers like Guesty is key to RemoteLock’s growth in the hospitality and rental market,” said Nolan Mondrow, CEO of RemoteLock. “We’ve seen many customers already take advantage of the integration. This partnership allows our mutual customers to run their business more efficiently and to scale over multiple units and properties.”

The integration with Guesty means RemoteLock can pull data, such as upcoming bookings and guest contact information, from a user’s Guesty account and can then send guests unique and temporary access codes to the rental.

“The integration with RemoteLock came very naturally,” added Guesty co-founder and chief executive Amiad Soto. “We saw that a lot of our clients were already using their remote locks so it made sense to make it official and remove the extra steps involved in providing keyless access for guests. It’s another way for us to make the jobs of our customers that much easier.”

Guesty’s marketplace includes integrations with several other third-party servicers of the property management community, such as ClearBanc, Stripe and Properly.


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Guesty adds RemoteLock to third-party services suite
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