Business Analytics

Grow your business using Analytics tools. Evaluate your analytics and use data to increase your bookings. Visualize your revenue by commission, occupancy, and average nightly rate and track your sources to analyze business activity. Organize your data with detailed information so that you can refer back to it in the future. Allow your team to oversee high and low revenue periods to understand which channels and listings are most profitable according to specific time periods.


Make smarter decisions with analytics. Capture data about your properties. Visualize the ability to track and analyze your business activity, allowing property managers to view visual and numeral representation of their revenue, commission, occupancy and more. Filter data by various time periods or custom dates. Oversee high and low revenue periods. Take advantage of these analytical tools to understand which channels and listings are most profitable.


Accurate and detailed data to make better decisions. Easily track information about each property and find hidden opportunity you didn’t know existed. Document the success of the property without having to refer back to past analytics. This helps you make those on-the-spot decisions that are needed to help your business grow.


Schedule emails to be sent to your managers and owners with your analytics and reporting data. Include information on payout, listing, revenue, commission, and occupancy and have them delivered regularly. Recognize business opportunities and improve your insights with accurate, in-depth analytics.

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