We have developed a smart automated messaging feature that we call “Hooks”. This feature is designed to save you time and effort while maintaining accuracy, hospitality, and personality.



Ensure Your Guest Has A Seamless Check-in

Sending the same check-in instructions to each of your guests? Set up an automated message with these instructions to be sent to every guest a few days prior to the check-in itself. 

  • Define Events

    Choose what event will trigger the automated message. In this case, the message should be triggered based on the check-in time of each booking.

  • Schedule Your Message

    Each message can be sent at a time relative to the event that you’ve chosen. In this case,  you may decide to send the message a few days prior to the check-in date, at a specific hour. 

  • Stay In The Loop

    Want to know the minute a booking of over $2,000 is cancelled? Set up a hook to be sent to yourself the moment this happens, using the smart filters.

  • Name
  • Make sure your apartment is clean 

    For each booking, we can send your cleaner an automated reminder over SMS or email with any and all relevant check-out information, such as the name of your listing, the address, the check-out time and more.

  • Name


  • Name
  • Events

    There are 5 possible events that can trigger the delivery of these template messages: 

    1. Reservation was confirmed 

    2. Reservation was canceled 

    3. Reservation was altered 

    4. Check-in

    5. Check-out 

    Messages can be sent before, after, or at the time of the event. 

  • Filters

    Filters help you specify the conditions for Hooks to be sent out, and they are set according to your pre-defined requests. For example, you can request that a certain booking confirmation message be sent only to guests with parties of 5+ people. Or, you can ask to be notified if a booking over $2,000 is canceled.

    Using these filters ensures that each message will be sent only to its relevant recipients, every time.

  • Name
  • Name
  • Assign your message

    Hooks can be sent as emails, SMS, or platform messages (i.e. over Airbnb). There is no limit to the number of messages or recepients for each hook. Hosts can add hooks to notify cleaners of check-out times, receive updates on booking confirmations, or update guests on check-in/out procedures. 

How are ‘Hooks’ customized?

Hooks can be modeled after every message that you already send to your guests and contacts, or they can be adjusted based on our own ‘best practice’ templates. After you send us your own templates, our team will help you schedule hooks for each of your listings. For more info regarding hooks you are welcome to read the advanced guide, or see some useful examples.