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Our best-in-class, automated trust accounting-compatible system will eliminate repetitive tasks while keeping your business running smoothly.

Accounting Tools - Guesty

Reduce Risk

Together with your traditional accounting software, our robust accounting solution is here to reduce repetitive and manual accounting work, minimize risk of error and ultimately save you time and resources.

Be Trust Accounting-Compatible

Traditional accounting software systems don’t often support trust accounting, which is why Guesty’s fully trust accounting-compatible system ensures funds are properly accounted for and traceable.

Trust Accounting - Guesty

Automate Bookkeeping with Guesty Accounting Tools

Automate The Bookkeeping Process

Automatically create journal entries for every guest payment with our cash ledger in order to track everything from accounts payable to operational expenses.

Customize Owner Statements

Simply generate and tailor statements for each of your property owners as often as you need. You can easily send those statements straight to owners right from the Guesty platform.

Customizable Owner Statements with Guesty Accounting Tools

Transactions Made Easy

To simplify the way you track your payables, we’ll automatically create journal entries for every transaction, making reporting a breeze and providing added visibility into how your funds are being allocated

Sync Multiple Accounting Processes with Guesty Accounting Tools

Sync Multiple Accounting Processes

Overcome the challenges of having your financial operations on two systems. Easily export data from Guesty into your accounting software to create accurate financial reports.

Save On Resources

Limit how much you spend on hiring in-house and third-party accounting professionals. Instead, rely on Guesty’s robust solution to automate and eliminate repetitive tasks while keeping your business running smoothly – no accounting experience required.

Our best-in-class accounting solution handles:

Trust Accounting for Short Term Rentals - Guesty


Guesty Accounting Processes for Vacation Rentals

Double entry

Guesty Accounting for Property Management

journal entries

Guesty Accounting for Short Term Rentals


Guesty Accounting and Bookkeeping for Short Term Rentals

Accounts payable

Guesty Accounting for Property Management Owners


Automated Accounting Statements- Guesty

Generating automated
owner statements

Customizable Live Accounting Reporting

Customizable live

The Guesty solution has proven to be very time efficient and saves management many hours every month on accounting.
Sölvi Melax, Founder Heimaleiga
We have really been able to scale with the flexibility offered by Guesty’s Accounting suite to customize how we structure deals.
Kevin Tan, Founding CEO Hauzz
Guesty eliminates the recurring monthly headache that owner statements bring. Setup was a breeze and has reduced our reliance on outside accounting experts. Accounting by Guesty has allowed us to focus on growing our business and taking care of our guests.
Tyler Winger, Owner Copper Ridge Property Management

FAQs about our Accounting tools

What operational Accounting software do vacation rental property managers use?

Notable accounting software solutions on the market include Quickbooks, Xero and Sage – Guesty syncs with all of these and more.

Which Guesty accounting features make managing your books simple?

Having an automated, pre-configured system with reporting functionalities such as producing owner statements will ensure you are keeping the books balanced. Additionally, the ability to sync the financial recordings for guest and owner-related transactions from the PMS with the company’s managerial and operational financial information, as well as tracking accounts payable, are some of the features that make managing your short-term rental and vacation rental accounting a breeze with Guesty.

What are the pros of Guesty’s Accounting features compared to other accounting softwares?

Many accounting software solutions are missing trust accounting, an integral part of the accounting process for any property management company. Guesty is trust accounting-compatible, automated, and simple to use with.

Additionally, one of the most popular business models for property management companies is revshare – the managing of a property which belongs to an owner, in which the management company takes a cut of the earnings. This is one of the use cases not covered by traditional accounting softwares that Guesty does address.

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