She’s Going Places: A Property Manager Turns A Dream into A Career With Guesty

January 26, 2020 |
Short-term rental business growth

Samantha Viola is a nomadic entrepreneur and the creator of the viral blog ‘She’s Going.’ 

She’s also a short-term rental property manager. 

An early passion for the world of real-estate, which was primarily expressed through the compulsive viewing of home improvement television shows, eventually led Samantha to the incredible opportunity to start an Airbnb business of her very own. 

She was handed a small portfolio of newly renovated apartments, which she was responsible for staging and managing. Within 8 months, that modest collection of properties had grown to 26 units, and Samantha quit her day job to focus on expanding the business. 

The Challenge

As anyone in the short-term rental business knows, growth is both wonderful and fraught with challenges. 

Between updating cleaning schedules, managing inboxes across multiple rental channels, organizing finances and the many other tasks involved in short-term rental management, the responsibilities really added up, making it difficult to get them all done without making mistakes. These mistakes included double bookings, miscommunications with staff, erroneous guest charges and, at times, bad reviews. 

Samantha was eager for a way to streamline her operations and address some of these pain points.

Samantha Viola grew her business with Guesty

The Solution

After demoing several property management software solutions, Samantha signed up with Guesty. 

“I became an educated buyer via various trial and error live demos. In the end, I feel confident I chose the best in the industry- Guesty.”

She was impressed not only by Guesty’s easy to use interface, but also the number of API connections Guesty had with other solutions. 

Time-saving features like the Unified Inbox, Multi-Calendar and 24/7 Guest Communication Services also helped win Samantha over and encouraged her to implement Guesty into her business. 

NYC vacation rental kitchen

The Results

As soon as she joined Guesty, Samantha started saving valuable time. Whereas she used to have to log in and out of multiple accounts to update the various channel calendars and avoid double bookings, she could now rest assured that all of her channels were automatically synced. 

She saw a clear decrease in the number of hiccups and mishaps her company experienced and was able to provide better customer service with automated messaging and saved replies. 

With her saved time, Samantha could focus on growing her portfolio and increasing the number of channels through which she promoted her rentals.

“Our overall revenue increased tremendously… and Guesty gave us the tools to monitor that too!”

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