Creating the Perfect Mobile-First Digital Experience Through Every Stage of the Guest Journey

December 23, 2021 |

DACK is a powerful guest experience platform dedicated to creating a perfect mobile-first digital guest experience. DACK covers every facet of a guest’s journey from guest verification to digital access, property guides, one-touch wifi, IoT controls, enhancements and upsells, local recommendations, re-booking, and more. 

DACK operators benefit from more positive overall feedback from guests and deeper guest relationships. DACK operators also see incremental revenue from upsells and stay enhancements along with operational efficiencies from automation such as automated early check-in and digital key management and management of IoT devices like smart lights and thermostats.

DACK is rapidly growing and is downloaded by thousands of guests monthly to check in and enhance their stay. 


Early in DACK’s product launch, they decided on Guesty as an initial partner. DACK immediately understood the value of Guesty’s robust API, stable infrastructure, and large customer base. More importantly, the DACK team recognized that Guesty was attracting the most innovative operators that were more likely to use the cutting-edge technology DACK had developed. 

“Guesty was pivotal in our product launch and early adoption. It’s difficult to quantify just how valuable the relationship has been,” says Thomas Schaper, Head of Product at DACK. 

“Early adoption of the product amongst Guesty operators was tremendous. In general, Guesty has the most passionate and innovative operators that care deeply about both operational efficiency and impeccable guest experience.”

The Results 

DACK empowered Guesty operators with a whole new toolkit for enhancing guest experience and optimizing operations. It also helped put operators on par with innovative new apps from branded competitors as the industry shifts to professionalization. 

Dunniela Kaufman, CEO at Sojourn DC, a short-term rental operator using both Guesty and DACK, sums it up clearly “DACK has provided us with the ability to provide a fully digital guest interface. It, combined with Guesty, provides us with the integral ability to seamlessly communicate with our guests. By leveraging DACK technology, we can better meet the individual needs of our guests, increase revenue and compete with larger, more capitalized, providers.”

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