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Guesty Now Supports WhatsApp Messaging

June 24, 2020 |
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Today’s travelers expect to be able to communicate with hosts on their own terms — and with more than 1.5 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is often the channel of choice. We’re excited to share that Guesty’s Unified Inbox now officially supports WhatsApp messages. 

Guesty’s WhatsApp Messaging Integration is a premium feature, and starting today, it will be offered for free to all existing users for a limited time.

Why Using WhatsApp Is a Must for Property Management Companies

WhatsApp is one of the most-used messaging applications, with more than 65 billion messages sent every day. While Guesty users are also able to correspond with guests via SMS, email and OTA messages within the Unified Inbox, WhatsApp offers an informal, WiFi-friendly channel for communication, making hosts even more accessible and approachable, thus improving guest experience. Additionally, WhatsApp messaging is supported through Guesty’s Mobile App inbox, so your team can chat with guests on the go. 

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How Guesty’s WhatsApp Integration Works 

To enable WhatsApp messaging, all you need to do is ensure your guest’s phone number is included in their reservation details. The option to contact them via WhatsApp will then be automatically added to your Unified Inbox, and you can correspond without ever leaving the Inbox itself.

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Upon receiving a message from a guest, you’ll have 24 hours to respond, per WhatsApp’s rules for business accounts. The timer is reset with each new guest message received. In order to initiate a conversation with a guest, you’ll need to use one of Guesty’s convenient pre-made message templates, and once a guest responds, you can continue the conversation freely. All messages will be sent using Guesty’s business account number.

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For step-by-step details on using Guesty’s WhatsApp Message Integration, visit our Help Center or watch our guest communication webinar for an even closer look.

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