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What Entertainment and TV Experiences Travelers Expect From Their Short-Term Rentals

January 11, 2021 |

This is a guest post from Guesty Marketplace partner Puls, an in-home service solution provider for property management companies. 

These days, you’ll be hard pressed – with few exceptions – to find a rental without some form of television or another. While for some that might mean a colossal holdover from the last millennium, their instinct, if not their execution, is spot-on. 

A 2019 survey showed that 1 in 4 people listed cable TV as the most important amenity for a short-term rental. When you combine that with those who listed a streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu as a top choice, the number of potential guests who prioritize their television experience reaches a whopping 45%. 

With so much emphasis on entertainment, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Can you really risk losing guests if your vacation rental TV isn’t big enough or doesn’t have enough pixels? Fortunately, televisions are much more affordable than they were even a decade ago, so an upgrade might be easier than it seems. But even if a new television set isn’t currently in your budget or you already have a top-notch and high-resolution TV, there are many more ways to optimize your short-term rental’s entertainment setup that will leave guests smiling – and be more practical for you at the same time. 

Does Size Matter?

It doesn’t hurt to have a big TV – but the consensus among hosts is that it’s certainly not the be-all-end-all. Members of the Airbnb community forum most frequently responded that if they do go for a sizable television, it’s the one they keep in the living area. Most commenters said they keep smaller TVs in the bedroom – or leave them out altogether. When it comes time for bed, guests seeking entertainment are likely to bring their own device, be it a laptop, tablet, or phone. Cinematic experiences are more frequently sought in the common spaces. 

Find a Programming Sweet Spot

Whether you hang on to the cable subscription or cut costs by cutting the cord, what’s sure is that a smart TV capable of casting and streaming – plus a strong WiFi connection to support those functions – is the new standard. You may opt to purchase subscriptions to streaming services such as Amazon Video, Netflix, and Hulu, especially if you decide to cancel the cable service, but some guests will have their own accounts already. For that crowd, just having a television with streaming capability lets them continue the series they’re already in the middle of after a long day out. 

To Mount or Not to Mount

Mounting the television to a wall has a number of benefits for both host and guest. It deters theft and rules out unfortunate accidents due to the television getting knocked over (think about the smaller guests who may be running around, or the older ones who might be partying a bit too hard). It also can save space, making smaller rooms feel bigger, and provide more viewing angles (if you have a tilting or full-motion bracket), which is especially welcome in rooms with lots of windows that admit sunlight. Time and cost need not be major factors when considering mounting a TV – an installation service can mount your TV for you quickly and cheaply, and are often available to come out on the same day. What’s more, they can also hide unsightly cables. 

If You’ve Got a Smart Assistant, Flaunt It

Smart home connectivity is a huge advantage all around, from lighting to thermostats – and the TV is no exception. Being able to turn the TV on and off, change the channel, and raise or lower volume without having to lift a finger is pretty cool in itself. But it’s extra advantageous if you think about lost remotes – or how complicated learning a new remote control can be. And though it’s common practice for many to sanitize the remote control between guests these days, there’s no doubt you’ll score bonus points by allowing guests to ditch the remote altogether. 

Raise the Bar – the Sound Bar

Televisions are getting thinner by the minute – but this often comes at the cost of sound quality. By installing a sound bar on your TV, you can save guests the frustration of struggling to hear what’s going on – and simultaneously provide a sound system for music listening. 

A Quick and Cost-Efficient Solution for Hosts

Not sure where to start? Puls provides experienced and professional technicians to help with TV installation, mounting, smart setup, sound bar installation, and much more. For more information, check out our in-home solutions for Property Managers.  

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