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How To Upgrade Your Airbnb

May 20, 2015 |

Mastering Airbnb is both science and art – every host needs to find the healthy balance between coloring inside the lines and thinking outside the box. In other words, doing everything according to the norm is expected, but that extra dose of the unexpected is what will bring Airbnb hosts to the next level of success and repute. So how can you upgrade your Airbnb and exceed the bare minimum expectations? Reading on is a good place to start.

1. The Second B’ in “Airbnb”

Ever wonder where that second “b” has disappeared to? You provide the bed, of course, but where is the breakfast that your guests were promised when they ordered “Airbnb”? While the name is both catchy and clever, serving breakfast is not actually in Airbnb’s repertoire of guaranteed services.

What that means is that breakfast is a matter to take into your own hands as a host. Wherever in the world your Airbnb property is, there are at least a handful of breakfast diners or restaurants that deliver the most important meal of the day. There’s even an innovative team in London who made a business out of the idea.

Consider surprising your guests with a breakfast-in-bed delivery on the first or last morning of their stay. The surprise will impress them, and the thoughtfulness alone will enhance their experience. While the price of breakfast is typically low, the value of positive Airbnb reviews is quite high.

2. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

Breakfast-in-bed is not the only hotel-luxury service that you can offer to upgrade your Airbnb. Dirty and wrinkled clothing is one of the greatest frustrations of long-term traveling, so regardless of how long your guests have been on the road, there’s sure to be a shirt to be steamed or a pair of underwear to be washed.

Help them stay spic and span (and comfortable) by suggesting local laundry and dry cleaning services. The era of convenience has even delivered us some services, that align with the nomadic kind of customer who needs an iron job in a few hours time, and doesn’t mind the speedy delivery add-on either. Some alternatives can range from a closet stocked with an iron or a clothes steamer, to a list of neighborhood laundromats.

3. Use The Sharing Economy

Yes, both hosts and guests alike are already participating in the sharing economy by virtue of using Airbnb. But there are other collaborative channels to which you can invite your guests, and chances are, that’s right up their alley. Uber, Lyft, and Gett Taxi flood their user community with referral opportunities for free or credited rides.

The offers bear no cost to the referrer (nor to the referee), so why not brighten your guests’ stay with complementary means to explore your city or town? Anything that combines comfort, convenience, and travel will please them, guaranteed.

These particular “sharing community” referral programs have popped up to promote mutual benefits – both between the companies & their respective users, and between the referrer & the referee.

Think of the mutual benefit between you & your guests as an added bonus.

4. Avoid Host Fatigue

Like any other job, it’s common that your hosting career on Airbnb will, at one point or another, eat at you in your sleep: “Will my guests find the keys?” “Did the cleaning lady ever come?” “Did I ever end up responding to that question?”

And as a host, you’re most likely concerned with creating a positive experience for your guests, so there’s even an element of personal involvement in worrying about the seamlessness of their stay. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy time away from home when your mind is still there. Don’t let it be. We can instruct your guests to keys, arrange for key handoffs, coordinate with the cleaning crew, and respond to any and every inquiry as they flow into your inbox. How’s that for letting your mind rest? Read more about how to wake up from host fatigue.

Why Bother?

Upgrading your Airbnb will, in turn, upgrade your host reputation. While guests look to Airbnb for authentic, not systematic accommodations, extra services and attention from you as a host will only strengthen the connection they feel to their unique experience at your place. If nothing else, aim to crack some smiles.

While you upgrade your Airbnb for your guests, Guesty can upgrade your Airbnb for you. There’s no reason hosts shouldn’t reap the same conveniences that they strive to provide for their guests. So, we’ll manage your account, guest communication, cleaning and key coordination, and hey – even laundromat scheduling… so you, too, can relax and enjoy breakfast in bed.

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