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Leading By Example With Top-Notch Health & Safety Policies

July 07, 2020 |
Maverick Suites: Leading By Example With Top-Notch Health & Safety Policies

This post about Guesty user Maverick Suites shares the steps they’re taking to ensure guest and staff safety during coronavirus. 

With nearly 100 listings in the Boston area, Maverick Suites offers guests unique, at-home experiences that allow them to live like a local without sacrificing comfort or convenience. While they’ve always prioritized seamless experiences, opting for keyless entry among other contact-free tech, when COVID-19 hit, they began working even harder to offer guests a clean, safe and worry-free stay. 

Creating a Comprehensive Policy 

Maverick revamped their cleaning, staff and guest procedures to align with guidelines and best practices for coronavirus. In addition to making these sweeping changes, they went the extra mile and published their new policies and procedures in a helpful guide on their website along with a note from the company’s founders reiterating their commitment to keeping guests and employees safe and comfortable. 

Sharing their extensive operational changes has helped Maverick build trust with guests, both by putting their focus on cleanliness front and center as well as by being completely transparent about the steps they’re taking. In addition to building trust, this move also makes it easier for even the most anxious travelers to relax and know that they’re in good hands and that their health will be prioritized. 

Looking Out for Both Guests and Employees 

While making sure your properties are clean and disinfected for guests is a no-brainer at a time like this, it’s just as important to keep your employees safe and healthy. In their online health and sanitation guide, Maverick breaks down the various employer and employee regulations they’ve instated since the outbreak of coronavirus, including temperature checks upon arrival at work, masks and personal protective equipment, social distancing, handwashing and regular disinfection of frequently touched surfaces. Guests can see that not only do they care for their staff, but that every precaution is being taken to keep the premises safe. 

The guide also includes a section entitled “The Maverick Guest’s Journey,” where they provide a step-by-step explanation of how cleanliness and health is prioritized from arrival to check-out. A few examples of how Maverick has updated procedures due to COVID-19 include: eliminating physical contact during check-in, providing hand sanitizer in common areas, as well as masks for each guest, digital guidebooks and packaged amenities. The detailed list of all efforts being made to protect guests will put even the wariest travelers at ease, while also saving time for staff who may otherwise be asked about procedures with each new booking. 

Working With Your Community 

Maverick’s health and sanitation guidelines serve as a publicly available gold standard that other property management companies can learn from and implement. In addition to upgrading their own practices, Director of Operations, Rafael Barbosa is providing a free resource to members of the hospitality industry, helping them navigate this challenging time. 

Working together and maintaining optimism will continue to be the key to resilience despite the challenges presented by COVID-19. For more resources on navigating your short-term rental business at this time, take a look at our Coronavirus Infocenter. 

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