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Top 3 Reasons to Offer Luggage Shipping to Guests

March 10, 2021 |

This is a guest post from Guesty Marketplace partner LugLess, a luggage shipping solution.

Seasoned travelers and rookies can agree: suitcases are one of the most dreaded parts of any trip. Lugging bags, skis, or golf clubs around the airport bookends a vacation, yet leaves travelers frazzled and irritated. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way – at least, not for your guests. 

As a successful property manager, you can offer something unique, something that will make their journeys easier and more enjoyable: luggage shipping.

Providing a reliable luggage solution for your guests will make traveling simple and hassle-free, for them and for you, and here are a few reasons why.

Amenities to Increase Your Bookings

Today’s travelers are more sophisticated than ever. With technology at their fingertips, they already know all about your Instagram-worthy views, proximity to landmarks, and stunning pool, but they want more. You’re going to have to provide the amenities guests want in vacation rentals. Because your potential guests are roaming around the internet, comparing vacation rentals, and waiting for just the right one to catch their eye before they book their stay.

If you want to be that property, you’re going to have to differentiate yourself somehow and offer vacation rental amenities that drive more bookings. With a company like LugLess, you can offer them the ultimate guest experience when they choose your property: luggage shipping.

Luggage shipping might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the top vacation rental amenities for your property, but just imagine being able to offer your guests the opportunity to start enjoying their vacation the moment they land without worrying about their bags. No waiting around baggage claim or hauling suitcases around town waiting to check in. Your guests will have the luxury of spending their first day taking in the local sites and snapping selfies, while their bags are shipped directly to you. It’s an incomparable vacation amenity – an extra day in the city!

It’s definitely an attention grabber that will surely help increase your bookings.  

Improve Your Reviews

Now that you know how to increase your vacation rental bookings with luggage shipping, let’s talk about boosting those reviews.

Property managers know that long-term success with vacation rentals depends on happy guests.

Satisfied Guests:

  • Become repeat guests
  • Tell their families and friends how much they love your property
  • Leave excellent reviews

And what could make your guests happier than a hassle-free journey to your property? Successful vacation rental amenities are the key.

Shipping their luggage ahead of time is the perfect way to start off their trip in a positive state of mind. No lugging heavy bags through the airport or endlessly long waits at baggage claim when they’re eager to start exploring. And no danger of a misrouted bag. Just your guests, arriving in your city and ready to tackle their “must-sees” for the day.

On their last day, they can drop off their suitcases and spend one last day wandering around, without suitcases to lug around town. A quick trip to the airport without having to check in bags (which probably weigh more now, with all those souvenirs!). It’s the perfect way to end a vacation, after a calm, stress-free day.

Your guests will arrive home happy and satisfied, thanks to your recommendations for luggage shipping – feelings which will transfer over to their reviews of your property.

Reduce Your Workload

Travelers want to maximize their vacation time. This means they schedule early arrival flights and late departures, making the most of every day in your city. And their flight schedules won’t always coincide with your property’s check in/check out times. 

When your guests realize that they might have to haul bags around the city with them – or even worse, take their suitcases to the beach – they’re going to turn to the only local they know who can help them. You.

Letting a 3rd party, like LugLess, handle that for you will alleviate the stress and extra attention needed. Letting simple and easy to use technology replace the need for extra staff saves you time, and empower your guests with a modern and inexpensive solution without any worries or hassle. Just a last day of vacation without their baggage.

Time to let go of luggage

With more properties becoming available for rental, the competition for guests will continue to increase. Having the best amenities for your airbnb and vacation rentals will be the key to differentiating you, driving your success and of course for your guests to make vacation fun and easy, luggage-free!

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