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September Marketplace Roundup: Noise-Monitoring, a Quick Solution for Going Green, a Data and Analytics Provider and More

October 03, 2019 |

GuestyVal isn’t the only thing we were up to in September. In the midst of all the planning and preparation for our annual short-term rental conference in Tel Aviv, we managed to solidify five new partnerships with a variety of vendors who are sure to help you further your business aspirations. Take a look!

Raixer: Keyless Entry for Vacation Rentals

Make things simpler for you and your guests by enabling smart access to your properties with Raixer. This easily installed device will save you the hassle of greeting guests in person to distribute and collect keys and will offer your guests greater flexibility when it comes to check-in and check-out times.  

How the integration works: Raixer pulls information about listings, reservations and guests to ensure each guest has what they need to access your property during the relevant time period.

Roomonitor: Short-Term Rental Noise Monitoring

As a property manager, you’ve got to keep your guests happy, but you can’t forget about nearby homeowners and tenants either! 

Keep your neighbors at bay and your rentals in one piece with a 24/7 real-time noise monitoring device that’s 100% privacy safe and immediately alerts you in the event that volumes in your property reach unacceptable levels.

How the integration works: Roomonitor accesses listing and reservation information, which is used to issue alerts in the event of noise.

LuggageHero: Luggage Storage for Vacation Rental Guests

A common hassle for guests is lugging their suitcases around while exploring their destination before check-in and after checkout. Show your guests you’re no ordinary host by removing this struggle with LuggageHero, a secure, on-demand luggage storage solution. Travelers pay a low hourly rate and all luggage is insured. Through this fully automated integration, you can upgrade your guest experience while removing a major point of friction around arrival and departure.

How the integration works: LuggageHero pulls information about listings, reservations and guests, and creates a custom link for each reservation that can be included in Guesty’s auto messages.

PowerSetter: Green Energy Solution for Short-Term Rental Properties

Impress potential and existing guests and save money at the same time! With PowerSetter, going green has never been simpler and you can significantly increase revenue, improve occupancy and reduce your electricity bills. The process is free and instant, enabling hosts to compare all options and switch to the cheapest electricity supplier with green energy.

How the integration works: PowerSetter pulls listing information to generate an interactive report with immediately available providers of green energy.

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