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Rural Tourism: 4 U.S. National Parks That Will Help Property Managers Attract More Guests This Fall & Winter

October 01, 2020 |
Rural Tourism: 4 U.S. National Parks

Rural tourism is in. With the UNWTO naming 2020 as the Year of Rural Tourism and Development, travel and tourism have proven to be critical in helping rural areas to recover from the financial impact of COVID-19. Add in the massive rise to popularity that road trips are currently experiencing, and the verdict is clear: if your properties are located near highly desirable rural areas or national parks that are going to be open this fall and winter, then now is the time to be heavily promoting your properties as COVID-safe national park attractions. 

Check out the top national parks that domestic travellers are expected to visit during these cooler months, so you can make sure to have a competitive edge when marketing your local rental properties:

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Although the Grand Canyon may have you thinking of desert dryness, even the highest ridges of this popular destination see snow in the winter months – offering views that most people never get a chance to see. The canyon’s South Rim is open year-round and likely to be much less crowded this time of year than during the warmer seasons, so if your rentals are located within this vicinity of the park, jump on the opportunity to promote your properties as the ultimate getaway that offers a Grand Canyon visit unlike any other.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Known for sitting atop a dormant volcano and possessing more geysers and hot springs than anywhere else in the world, Yellowstone is amongst the most popular and well-known national parks in the US. Although winter in Wyoming can be quite cold, visiting Yellowstone during fall and winter also means smaller crowds and super steamy geysers to make for the perfect photo op. When promoting your nearby rentals, it will help to bring in bookings if you boast to potential guests all the amenities you offer that will make their experience easier when enjoying the park’s many attractions.

Yosemite National Park, California

As of November 1st, Yosemite’s reservation-only system that went into effect for COVID-19 safety will no longer be active – meaning visitors will only need to present a valid pass and pay the entrance fee to enter. With the park becoming easier to access, a ski area that opens in the winter, and snowy peaks and frozen waterfalls as the backdrop, Yosemite is expected to a steady flow of visitors this fall and winter. If you manage rentals nearby the park, this is the ideal time to advertise them as the ideal hiking retreat or ski lodge for visitors of Yosemite.

Arches National Park, Utah

After closing for the first few months of the pandemic, Arches National Park is now open once again and attracting visitors who come to the Moab area of Utah to visit the many parks and natural sights that are nearby, like Canyonlands National Park or the Corona Arch. Featuring over 2,000 natural stone arches and otherworldly balanced rock formations, Arches National Park is a year-round attraction for road trippers and nature buffs alike. With fall being one of the most ideal times to visit the area without suffering the heat, managing rentals in the Moab vicinity gives you a lot of leverage these days. Don’t just market your rentals as accommodations for visitors of Arches, but instead, as local (COVID-safe) retreats that provide guests an unforgettable experience in socially-distanced settings and enable them see all that the area has to offer.

Rural Tourism Will Win Big 

The United States is chock-full of national parks and jaw-dropping sights from coast to coast. But as the colder weather makes its return and COVID-19 continues to keep most Americans from travelling internationally, property managers of rentals in rural areas or near national parks have never been in a better position. 

Guests today are seeking isolation, safety, and memorable accommodations to make their US-based getaways just as exciting as even the most exotic international escapes – so if your rentals are near the aforementioned, take advantage of this time when domestic travel is at its peak by presenting your properties as exactly what visitors are seeking.

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