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How to respond to bad guest review

How Property Managers Should Deal With Bad Guest Reviews

Reading guest reviews is probably the easiest part of property management, and definitely the most rewarding. Receiving all those twinkling stars for your hard work, being praised as “the best host ever,” which you totally are, and reading that your

Online Payment Processor

Make Transactions Simple With Guesty’s Online Payment Processor

Happy guests, glowing reviews, satisfied homeowners… there are lots of rewarding aspects to the short-term property management game, including, of course, your hard-earned paycheck. With Guesty’s secure payment processing system, you can be sure that this important aspect of your

GuestyVal 2018: What Did You Miss?

We Came. We Saw. We Managed. For the first time ever this year, GuestyVal has come and gone – but the feeling is palpable that a new tradition has just begun. Its purpose? To champion the ideas and businesses that