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NoiseAware Added to Guesty’s Integrations Marketplace to Help Keep Your Properties in One Piece

February 26, 2019 |

Guesty’s Integrations Marketplace offers you all the tools you need to efficiently manage your properties. We’ve got resources to help you distribute your rentals, achieve optimal pricing, facilitate keyless entry for your guests, carry out cleaning and maintenance operations and so much more. With our newest integration, we’re equipping you to easily control yet another major component for any short-term property manager – the volume.


All Within Earshot

Meet NoiseAware, a noise monitoring technology that ensures property managers are alerted whenever the noise in their rentals reaches unreasonable volumes, which is often associated with unruly behavior they may not want taking place on their properties.

The property manager need simply plug a small device into an outlet and the technology will take it from there. Any time the volume surpasses a threshold, the manager will receive a notification so they can immediately address the problem.


They’ve Thought of Everything

Unlike those of their competitors, NoiseAware’s microphone does not record audio and therefore protects the privacy of your guests. The device is weatherproof and can be placed in any area of your property without risk of damage. NoiseAware’s dashboard provides you with a complete history of your rentals’ noise data so you can maintain thorough records that can back your reputation as a responsible host.

Protection for You & Your Rentals

Monitoring the noise levels within your rentals can save you negative and often costly interactions with neighbors, can alert you to undesirable activity happening on your properties and can also protect you against false claims. NoiseAware ensures you stay in the know on noise-related happenings in your rentals.


Partners in Crime-Prevention

“Guesty has experienced incredible growth within the industry, in North America and abroad and NoiseAware is excited to tie in directly to make the use of our product that much better. Guesty’s vision and trajectory align well with NoiseAware’s and we couldn’t be happier that our first PMS integration is with Guesty.” – Andrew Schulz, CEO & Co-Founder at NoiseAware.

Clients of both Guesty and NoiseAware will benefit from integrating the two platforms as NoiseAware’s alerts can then be sent directly to their Guesty inboxes, right along with all of their other business communication. This way, no facet of their businesses need fall outside of Guesty’s scope.


Truly End-to-End

“Being an end-to-end management platform means we provide solutions for every single aspect of your business, even if it’s beyond our own software,” explains Guesty CEO and Co-founder Amiad Soto. “Home automation? Guest Access? Dynamic Pricing? We’ve got integrations for all of that, and now we’ve got one for noise control too. NoiseAware offers a sophisticated way to prevent potentially catastrophic outcomes relating to excessively noisy guests and we’re delighted to have them as part of our expanding Marketplace.”

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