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May Integrations Round-Up: Business Intelligence, Key-Exchanges & Luggage Solutions

June 04, 2019 |

Bigger & Better

More integrations? You’d better believe it.

Guesty’s Marketplace was built to enable our users to sync their external management tools with our platform, allowing them to take advantage of the many tools that complement our product without having to input their data into several different systems.

From home automation to dynamic pricing, our Marketplace is stock-full of solutions that set up short-term property management businesses to succeed…and it just keeps getting bigger.

Here are the latest three vendors to join our growing Marketplace:


Key Data

Key Data equips property managers with the intelligence they need to steer their companies in the right direction. They provide secure, precise and visual data on important parameters, such as how competitively your rentals are priced, which guests they’re attracting and how they’re performing in relation to the market.

Once integrated with your Guesty account, Key Data can pull all the information necessary to start crunching those numbers and delivering critical insights to your screen.


A Europe-based solution that enables property managers to facilitate key exchanges from their mobile devices, Sharebox removes the headache of coordinating with guests to provide them with entry into your rentals. With Sharebox, you can stash your keys in a secure, conveniently-located cabinet, which guests can access through the Sharebox app. The app will notify you when your cabinet has been opened.

Integrating Sharebox with your Guesty dashboard will provide the key-exchange solution with the addresses of your rentals so they can pull up a list of cabinets most relevant for you. Once you’ve chosen a cabinet, Sharebox can utilize your reservation information to contact the upcoming guests with all the details they need to access it.


Since every property manager is unique, we like to provide a range of solutions for all your operations. KeyNest takes an app-free approach to the hurdle of key exchanges, offering you secure lockers in local shops to store keys for your incoming guests. The lockers can only be opened with temporary pass-codes and you’ll receive email updates when keys are retrieved or dropped off.

With KeyNest’s Office feature, your staff can easily log keys that they need in and out of the office and it will be automatically recorded. They can also pass keys to contractors and other personnel and log the exchange through the KeyNest app.

You can follow your keys via GPS tracking so you’ll know where they are at all times, and key holders will receive SMS messages whenever their keys are due back in the office.

Syncing up KeyNest with your Guesty account will enable KeyNest to automate the process of sending passcodes to your guests with clear instructions for collecting the keys to your rentals.


For Your Guests

In addition to integrating with these three incredible vendors, we’ve also partnered up with a couple of nifty guest solutions:


Stasher is a global luggage storage solution for guests looking to stash their bags somewhere while they explore the city pre check-in and post checkout.  You simply give a unique URL to your guests and they can choose the location most convenient for them. Stasher is in 200 cities and growing! 


Speaking of luggage, packing for kids can be a nightmare. BabyQuip rents out all the baby equipment traveling tots could need, so their parents don’t have to lug it along. Read more about this awesome solution here.

As a result of these partnerships, Guesty users will be able to offer a 10% discount to guests who’d like to utilize these services, adding to the appeal of their listings!


No Stopping You Now

With these tools, you can simplify your operations, position your company for growth and provide guests with smoother stays, encouraging them to book with you again in the future, leave you 5-star reviews and refer you to their traveling friends. Pair them up with Guesty’s time-saving features and there’ll be no stopping you!

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