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INFOGRAPHIC: Short-Term Rental Holiday Bookings Outperform Expectations

December 09, 2020 |
Short term rental industry performs better than expected for the 2020 holiday season

Though early short-term rental booking figures had the hospitality industry braced for an underwhelming season, we are seeing holidays outperform expectations. Case in point: reservation volume in the US for Thanksgiving was 14% greater than it was in 2019.

A similar pattern emerged over Labor Day, which ultimately garnered 27% more short-term rental bookings than it did last year. 

Last-minute bookings continue to trend, with 15% of November bookings being made the same day as the reservation and 35% being made within a week of check-in. This, coupled with the 25% increase we’ve seen in average stay length and the reservation numbers we’ve seen during recent holidays, suggests that short-term property management companies have reason to be optimistic about Christmas and New Year’s Eve bookings, despite current figures.

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