How to Make Your Rentals the Perfect Destination For Travellers’ Road Trips

July 02, 2020 |
How to Make Your Rentals the Perfect Destination For Travellers’ Summer Road Trips

With the COVID-19 pandemic inciting a shift in travel around the world, many people are turning to other methods of vacationing to avoid the safety concerns involved with flying. As a result, road trips are emerging as the popular choice for summer travel. In the US specifically, it’s predicted that one-third of all Americans will take a road trip this summer — so while international travel remains mostly off-limits, people are making the most of domestic destinations that are within driving distance. For rental property managers around the US with properties located near iconic road trip destinations, this is the perfect time to make your rentals the ideal 2-3 day pit stop.

There are many reasons as to why travellers are choosing to turn their vacations into a road trip this summer. With per gallon gas prices in the USA currently below $2, which is lower than it’s been in five years, it’s never been more affordable for people to skip on pricey plane tickets. More so, 68% of travellers feel safer when traveling in their personal vehicles, rather than communal planes or buses. 

This means now is the time to take advantage of these aspects of affordability and safety, and make sure your rental provides everything road trippers will need to have the best possible experience. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips to help you get started and ensure all bases are covered when attracting road trip-takers to your properties.

Stock Your Property With Supplies for Local Attractions

We recommend stocking your rentals with necessities suited to the attractions they are located near, giving your potential guests peace of mind knowing their rental will come complete with everything they need. Think bug spray, drink coolers, and other items that guests will benefit from having when visiting local attractions, but may not have thought to bring themselves. If your property is located near a national park or hiking trails, for example, also consider providing hiking equipment or detailed maps of the area. These extra measures will allow your property to stand out and make a lasting impression on your guests, resulting in a positive experience and repeat business. It’s important to remember that even small amenities will add to a memorable experience and an enhanced visit.

Provide Easy Access to Local Attractions

Instead of your property being just another quick stop on your guests’ long road trip journey, we recommend providing resources that will transform their stay into a memorable hospitality experience. Your guests will most likely be stopping at your rental to visit the attractions located nearby, so what better way to connect with them then by providing easy access to these destinations? One way you can do this is by offering coupons or passes to these sites. If you’re located near an amusement park, for example, try reaching out to their team to arrange discounted tickets for your guests. Amidst these stretches of lower seasonal bookings, supplying additional amenities to improve your guests’ visit will differentiate you from the other rental properties in your area.

Marketing to Potential Road Trippers

During this unique period, travellers are looking for particular conveniences within their chosen rental property. In addition to making sure potential guests know that you’re taking extra measures to sanitize your rentals between guests and provide them with additional necessities for cleanliness, it’s important to make sure you’re also boasting what you’re doing to enhance their road trip. If you’ve arranged for discounted tickets to a nearby attraction or supplied detailed maps of the local national park, clearly convey this in your listing descriptions. When seeking road trip pit stops, these extra efforts you take can be what sets you apart from the competition in the eyes of travellers, and compels them to choose your property. If your property has wide-open outdoor spaces, for example, it’s also critical to emphasize these details in your photos as many want a safe space to practice social distancing. Whatever it is that you’re doing to go the extra mile and appeal to the needs of those taking road trips, make sure you are leveraging that in your marketing in order to stand out.

Adapting to Changes in the Road Trip Industry 

The increase in road trippers expected this summer presents an excellent opportunity for you to go the extra mile and seal the deal in acquiring reservations from the domestic travel persona that is incredibly prominent in the COVID-19 era. Evaluate the strengths of your rentals and the nearby attractions, and decipher how you can individualize your properties even more to make it the focal point of your guests’ road trip. And of course, don’t forget to keep marketing top of mind and package your rentals as the ultimate accommodations for an above and beyond road trip experience. 

For more strategies on how to navigate COVID-19, take a look at our Coronavirus Infocenter.

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