How to Be a Good Host on Airbnb?

February 20, 2014 |

With both hosting and romance, it’s all about the little things. The micro gestures. The small details that can make (or break) a trip. To make your Airbnb guests truly fall in love, take the time to take care of these Casanova-like particulars.

Here is How to Be a Good Host on Airbnb:


1. City Guide

The first step in How to Be a Good Host is to Compile a one-page city guide for your guest, complete with personal recommendations of your favorite things to do. Think outside the tourist box—include favorite grocery stores, seasonal happenings (i.e. farmers markets), and the best local coffee. Pick up tourist brochures from hotels, subway maps, local restaurant menus and the like to leave for your guests to use as they navigate your city.

2. Shower Space

Remove your shower items (if possible) and store them under the sink or in a cabinet to make room for your guests’ items. If you don’t have enough space, invest in a shower hanger. Don’t make your guests perform some ambitious new yoga move (I call it “wet crane”) to juggle their shampoo, soap, conditioner, moisturizer, and pore scrub.

3. Plugs

We live in the 21st century. Electricity is life. If the outlets are scarce in your place, pick up a surge protector and extension cord.
Pro tip: Count 3 plugs per guest – computer, phone, tablet.

4. Refrigerator Space

Make guests’ space in the kitchen as obvious as possible. They’re paying for access to the kitchen, so make sure they know which areas are theirs to use.
Pro tip: Label one shelf in the refrigerator and one shelf in the cupboard the “Airbnb shelf”.

5. Mirrors

Even if your guest isn’t visiting for business or a special occasion, they still want to know they look good. Having a full-length mirror somewhere in the house to remind them will pump them up for the day ahead.

6. Leave a Bottle of Wine

It’s a small cost to you, and the thought will go a long way! Plus, half of your guests won’t take it or drink it.
Pro tip: Two-Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s.

7. Provide Food Options

It can be as simple as having a couple of cereal picks and milk around and letting your guests know it’s there for them.
Pro tip: Leave eggs and orange juice – no one likes running to the store first thing in the morning.

8. Climate

Make sure your place can be temperature controlled and that the thermostat is clearly marked and functional. If your place is drafty or doesn’t have an individual thermostat, then make sure you have extra blankets close by.

9. Fluffy Robes = Serious Bonus Points

At the next clearance sale acquire some simple white robes. They’ll make your guests feel like royalty/wizards, and you can throw them in the same load of wash as their sheets and towels when they leave.

10. Slippers = So Good

A pair of Tempurpedic foot hugs round out a perfect Airbnb pampering. Grab some slippers in neutral sizes for both men and women and keep them by the door. Not only will they be full of snuggle; they’ll also cut down on dirty-foot traffic.

In summary, simple and cost-effective luxuries can go a long way in mimicking all the comforts of home. Little by little, your guests will be charmed into relaxation and will leave your listing with a fluttering heart.

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