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How to Attract Guests Looking for a Staycation in Australia

June 30, 2020 |
Australia Staycations

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, international travel is largely off the table. But after months stuck at home, families are now planning to get away for a few days if they can — and they’ll be looking for secluded spots close to home. Domestic travel and staycations are on the rise, as city dwellers seek an escape within driving distance — whether they’re looking to escape the rising city crowds in a Blue Mountain cabin, or they want to enjoy a little luxury with a Gold Coast family holiday. 

Today’s travelers are seeking out something that feels exclusive and remote. Your rentals will stand out if you create a safe haven environment and unique experience that leaves guests feeling like they’re at a dream destination when they’re within hours of home. We’ve rounded up a few types of staycations that will appeal to domestic tourists in Australia this winter.  

Urban Escapes in New South Wales

Listings located in Sydney’s Central Business District can appeal to the typical hometown tourists, too removed from their own city by urban sprawl to appreciate its most iconic areas. Given that city tours and dining out options have become capacity-limited you may choose to upgrade service within the apartment — offering food deliveries, top-notch amenities (like Apple TV and new speakers) and a welcome bottle of wine. You may even offer an exclusive reservation with one of the nearby restaurants if they approve before a certain time? Make a point of marketing your central location (and great view if you’ve got one!) and provide additional services to make stays more enjoyable.

Cabin stays in the Blue Mountains

While Aussies are starting to layer up, take advantage of the most common themes for a winter getaway. Not only that but since social distancing means that some people will still be reluctant to have an urban escape, make sure your listing looks the part. Style your rentals with maroons and browns, and include cabin staples like fireplaces or fire pits, BBQs, and some plants to remind them that they are in the famous Blue Mountains after all. Ensure any private outdoor spaces on the property are properly furnished so that guests can enjoy the fresh mountain air from the comfort and security of their deck chairs. 

Luxury Holidays in Byron Bay 

You don’t have to own a yoga resort to make winter holiday tourists feel pampered. At a time where spa treatments and gyms have just started opening their doors, safety, hygiene, and seclusion is still important to many, so make your luxury retreat all about your safe amenities. Make sure the WiFi is fast enough, the linens are luxe, the kitchen is well-stocked and the entertainment options are endless (Netflix, PlayStation, board games, books and workout equipment). The goal is to make the space so inviting, they won’t want to leave. 

Jervis Bay Getaways 

If your rental is near a pristine bit of nature, remember that the great outdoors can also be a great marketing strategy. Staying in a place surrounded by beautiful views, with options for great hiking, is uplifting. Make sure your listing includes details (and photos) of the beautiful surroundings nearby. Plus, remind “cityscapers” (those escaping condensed cities) that these wide-open spaces provide an opportunity for kids to run around without interfering with social distancing. 

Glamping on the Sunshine Coast

Glamping offers the best of both worlds — a camping experience with the comfort of home. If you have a large piece of land, it’s the perfect opportunity to offer a secluded staycation over the winter holidays. While glamping brings a tent to mind, treehouses, caravans, and yurts can also fit the bill. Encourage potential guests to try camping without the rain, dirt, bugs — or the typically crowded campsites. 

Catering to New Types of Travellers

Coronavirus has brought with it unprecedented challenges — for the world as a whole, and certainly for the short-term rental industry. Adapting to new types of tourists — like staycationers — is one key way to encourage business stability at this time and ultimately, longevity. For more strategies on navigating COVID-19, take a look at our Coronavirus Infocenter.

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