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Guesty’s New Property Management Features: Search, Report, Analyze, Organize

December 24, 2015 |


Recent changes to the Guesty Dashboard

  1. Search: find every reservation, guest, or listing in seconds. The new search bar makes the dashboard into your own private vacation rental database.
  2. Report: streamline your information flow using the new and improved reporting system. This powerful tool enables you to sort, filter, and schedule customized reports. All of your data is updated, secured, and easily accessible for you, your employees, or any third-party services.
  3. Analyze: gain business insights by using the new analytics system. These metrics give you the ability to evaluate your business success in one simple snapshot.
  4. Organize: view all of your bookings’ data in one place, or each reservation’s data individually.

As many of you already know, the Guesty team is here to manage your Airbnb properties for you – through our 24/7 receptionist services, third-party coordination & scheduling, and smart automatic features.

However, our hosts have recently voiced their requests to better connect with and organize the Airbnb data that we manage for them.  Some hosts would like the opportunity to share booking details with their co-hosts, some with cleaners, some simply want to archive information in their personal hosting records, and some would like access to this data in order to use it for developing their rental strategy moving forward.

You talked, we listened.

So, over the past few months, we’ve been developing our property management software (or, PMS) to help you have more hands-on flexibility in managing your Airbnb business.  So far, to help you personally interact with and closely monitor your short-term rental business, we’ve updated your Guesty Dashboard to enable bookings reports, data & analytics, and very soon, simple cross-channel distribution.

But the new features don’t stop there.  We’re proud to announce the release of a totally new and improved Guesty Dashboard that brings even more PMS capabilities to our hosts.  Specifically, we’re talking about a uniquely exhaustive search system, firsthand organization and viewing of Airbnb reservations, and interactive billing features – all on one sleek, mobile-friendly interface.

Here’s what you need to know about your freshly enhanced hosting dashboard.

1. A Whole New Overview is Underway

New Property Management

Previously, the opening page of the Guesty Dashboard included notable information (namely, confirmation code, dates, guest, number of guest, listing, and payout) for only your five upcoming bookings.  All these details were displayed in plain text.

Now, we’ve turned that view-only display into a responsive window that peers into both five upcoming and five current reservations. Each booking shown in your host overview can be explored even further.  Once clicked, the host is brought into a page that presents all the details of that particular reservation.  The data shown here range from booking details to listing descriptions, to guest information, to Guesty’s internal post booking notes (i.e. cleaning preferences), and even to financials.
New Property Management

** Soon, hosts will have the opportunity to edit each datum from within the individual reservation view.


The data & analytics of your short-term rental business can be found in the overview of “Reservations” and “Listings” sections below.  Together, these metrics allow hosts to gain insight into their success trends, their hosting patterns, and their pricing strategy.  To learn more about how to analyze these statistics, please click here.

2. An Advanced Sorting of Sorts

New Property Management

Hosting analytics are not limited to the overall account level: hosts can also view the metrics of each listing.   Simply select the “Listings”  tab on the left side menu to reveal a comprehensive list of your Airbnb properties – both listed and unlisted.  This list contains all of your listings across all connected accounts  (in other words, if the host has integrated more than one Airbnb account with Guesty, each listing from every one of those connected accounts will be displayed together here).

By default, listings are sorted by neighborhood, but hosts can sort results by listing title, listing address, or listing label.

Here, each listing is clickable.

New Property Management

Once selected, the host will move to a unique data page for that listing. The page contains both current and upcoming reservations (including the dates, guest names, and other information associated with each displayed reservation), as well as statistics reflecting that listing’s activity over the past 30 days.  Again, the host may click on each reservation to display its details.

3. Now Reporting on Booking Reports

New Property Management


Each previous, current, and upcoming booking is packing a lot of valuable data that, if organized well and analyzed thoroughly, can be repurposed as useful tools for any hosting business and strategy.  Whether archived, evaluated, or shared, it’s important that this information doesn’t disappear in the crowd.  Now, there are countless ways to customize, export, and share your bookings data.

Though the bookings report tool is not the newest kid on the block, there have been some updates to its best practices. In terms of creating and viewing a report, hosts can now bookmark their favorites.

4. A Top-Shelf Search Bar

New Property Management


The importance of the data that is packed into each reservation cannot be emphasized enough. But what about the data within an entire Airbnb account? There needed to be a way to navigate around this network of information, both for convenience and simply for the sake of staying on top of every detail of the Airbnb business. This doesn’t exist inside of Airbnb, so we created it for hosts here.

So, now there’s a search bar on the Guesty Dashboard that allows hosts to easily pull up all sought out information relevant to a listing, to a reservation, or even to a guest. Hosts have the opportunity to search a slew of indicators pertaining to these items, such as a guest’s phone number or listing city. Yet another way to add order to the chaos of too much data in one place.

5. Posting Bills

Now, there is some order to the billing process, as well. It’s easy for invoices to get lost in translation, but saving, sharing, and recording financial activity is extremely useful. This especially fits the profile of our general clientele, who are mostly professional hosts with have large Airbnb businesses or hosts who are balancing a rental career on top of a separate full-time job.

For one, hosts are given the opportunity to add notes to identify or organize an invoice. Further, receipts can be arranged if the host so desires.

New Property Management

From there, hosts have the option to archive and to share invoices and receipts. For each item or for a selected few items in the host’s billing history, there’s an opportunity to view, download as PDF, download as a spreadsheet, and email results. This gives hosts the flexibility to organize their finances at any point.

New Property Management


The new Guesty Dashboard is designed to open the doors for our hosts in terms of data management and business strategizing. We hope through this tour, you’ve become accustomed to the recent features made available to serve your needs. Airbnb hosts, welcome to your newest tool for success.

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