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Guesty Connects Users to World’s Largest Travel Community With TripAdvisor Rentals Integration

January 14, 2019 |
Guesty Integrates with TripAdvisor

And the latest short-term rental management resource to be added to Guesty’s ever-expanding Integrations Marketplace is… (drumroll please)… TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel community!

This is a big one, folks!

Reach More Guests for Your Vacation Rental Business

TripAdvisor reaches upwards of 450 million users per month and the site has collected more than half a billion customer reviews.

Accommodations listed on its vacation rental platform, which was introduced in 2008, are showcased in 26 different languages to travelers across the globe through TripAdvisor’s expansive network of international booking channels, including FlipKey, Holiday Lettings, HouseTrip and more.

TripAdvisor Rental listings are also eligible for the brand’s Certificate of Excellence, awarded to rentals with great reviews and top-rate hosts. Certified listings receive a ranking boost, which comes with increased exposure to would-be guests.

So, you’re convinced right? You need to list your rentals on TripAdvisor… but managing listings on yet another booking channel?

Manage Simply

With this new booking integration, managing your listings can be done straight from your Guesty account so you don’t need to log into multiple channels to update descriptions, respond to inquiries, and check on the availability of your rentals.

The Guesty-TripAdvisor partnership offers users:

1. Automatic Reservation Export

All reservations made on TripAdvisor Rentals are automatically imported into the user’s Guesty account the moment the booking request is accepted. Property managers don’t have to manually transfer any details of the reservation. It’s all there, on their Guesty dashboards.

2. Two-Way Calendar Sync

TripAdvisor CalendarAny changes to your Guesty calendar will be automatically reflected on your TripAdvisor calendar and vice-versa.
Your listings’ availability will be updated in real-time without any intervention from you.

3. Easy Enablement of Instant Book

TripAdvisor’s ‘Instant Book’ feature has lots of benefits, including climbing in the search results, reducing your workload and increasing your bookings by as much as 10%, and your revenue by 15%.
With the two-way calendar sync, allowing guests to utilize this tool has never been easier.

Enjoy Stress-Free Growth

Guesty wants to help you grow your businesses without breaking a sweat. Centralizing your management operations by bringing invaluable resources home to Guesty is how we do that.

Our Integrations Marketplace is already brimming with third-party management tools to make your lives easier and your operations smoother, and with new partnerships always on the horizon, it’s only going to get better from here.

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