The Best Airbnb Hosts Offering The Most Out-Of-The-Box Listings

April 21, 2015 |

The core of Airbnb culture is the creation of a single, inclusive community.  This has a variety of implications, one of which emphasizes expansive boundaries of any given society. One of the benefits of unlocking a new sphere of the travel world is opening the floor to any and every interpretation of its values.  This “stretchable” definition of community can be demonstrated not only by the varying backgrounds of Airbnb users but also by the varying listings they’re offering. You can find anything from planes, trains, and automobiles, to treehouses and igloos.  Yep, Airbnb hosts are now offering you the opportunity to sleep on a branch or in an ice cube.  Tempting, right?

This kind of inclusivity fits perfectly in Airbnb’s “belong anywhere” branded identity, and it succeeds because people enjoy seeking out things that are fresh and different. Bringing imagination to life (ahem ahem, living underground) can be exhilarating, and free breakfast definitely doesn’t kill the thrill.  Normally, travel is the means to new experiences, so why not top those experiences off with a unique way of living – such as in, say, an old school bus?

Sounds logical, and that’s why it has been working so well for these types of Airbnb hosts.  They really think outside-the-box and offer a new way of lodging for the idiosyncratic traveler: one that transcends the typical concept of “living quarters” and enters a new realm of what we consider a “residence”. In other words, living quarters that are, in reality, anything but. I’ll let you see for yourself, below.

Becoming One With Nature

To start, let’s take a walk on the wild side and explore what it really means to be one with nature.

1. Get Your Head In The Clouds (Vernou-la-Celle-sur-Seine, Île-de-France, France)

Best Airbnb Hosts - Creative Airbnb

First up, the treehouse Airbnb listing. This canopy destination comes with such high recommendations (get it, “high”?) that it makes you wonder why every home isn’t at least a little bit elevated. It’s peaceful, relaxing, and includes breakfast in bed, delivered by rope pull. Everything about staying here makes sense, except the fact that the hosts allow smoking on property.

2. ‘Living Under A Rock’ Finally Comes With a Positive Connotation (Yucca Valley, CA, United States)

Best Airbnb Hosts - Creative Airbnb

Think of this boulder boarding as an eccentric and modern take on cave dwelling. Each interior is hand carved into the stone, creating an unparalleled experience within an entirely natural environment. Ideal for the hiking-types who particularly enjoy, well, rock climbing.  The host makes it clear that this quirky experience isn’t about enjoying a peaceful vacation in the desert, but instead about taking the path less traveled in terms of celebrating the unique concept of luxury within nature. In short, rocks rock.

3. The Icing on Top (Sulzberg, Vorarlberg, Austria)

Best Airbnb Hosts - Creative Airbnb

An igloo is an eccentric Airbnb choice for an Austrian excursion. The idea of sleeping here is…interesting, to say the least…yet somehow extremely compelling, as this work of ice can accommodate up to four guests and comes with an indoor fireplace (word of advice, if I may, against using this amenity while under the meltable roof).  There’s something cozy about living among nature in such an atypical environment. Unfortunately, though not surprisingly, this snow hut is not available through the summer months, so make sure you visit in-season.

Seeking Shelter in Man-Made Vehicles

Now that we’ve explored what nature has to offer unconventional Airbnb listings, let’s move onto eccentric living quarters in the industrial, man-made sector of nature: staying put for the night in different vehicles of transportation.

1. Enjoy Some Caravan Jazz (Oakland, CA, United States)

Best Airbnb Hosts - Creative Airbnb

The main word that seemed to come to past Airbnb guests’ minds is “lovely”.  Spending the night in this pleasant vintage caravan is like stepping into a day in the life of the community within which it’s parked.  It’s a good home base for exploring the surrounding area, while offering the opportunity to come back home to cooked meal (that is, of course, if you do the cooking) and cozying up to the screenless “television set,” also known as the hosts’ chicken pen and garden.

2. A Whole New Concept of “Party Bus” (New Orleans, LA, United States)

Best Airbnb Hosts - Creative Airbnb

Though it’s not much to look at, the interior of this uniquely decorated school bus is something all of its Airbnb guests admire. The aura is spunky, the location is convenient, and the entire experience is accompanied by attentive and welcoming hospitality from the hosts.  Unfortunately, the home doesn’t double as the mode of transportation you may expect or hope for, but have no fear – rental bikes are here!  What’s more: these convenient peddlers even come included with cupholders, so you can cycle around New Orleans like a true local.

3. A Little House on the Prairie Ranch (Shirley Basin, WY, United States)

Best Airbnb Hosts - Creative Airbnb

With this fully restored, early 2oth century sheep wagon (sheep not included), you have a chance to not simply be a part of history but be a part of the hosts’ family history.  The family stopped using this little agricultural pulley on their 100 year old ranch in 1970, and eventually converted it into the beautiful bedroom that it is today (all in anticipation for your visit, actually).  Amazingly enough, this Airbnb can sleep up to four guests and includes free parking, which, in all honesty, is to be expected from an immobile four-wheeled home.


4. Please Do Not Return Your Seats To An Upright & Locked Position (Teuge, Gelderland, Netherlands)

Best Airbnb Hosts - Creative Airbnb

Regardless of the inevitably narrow walls and low ceiling, this is an entirely first-class experience. Forget paying for extra leg room, this plane comes with a jacuzzi, sauna, a handful of flat-screen TVs, a kitchen, and…basically everything it takes to qualify as a luxurious accommodation. Luckily, the architects left the cockpit as-is, so you can go up there and push any button you’d like. Finally, an airplane that doesn’t run the risks of flying.

In the end, it’s pretty clear that Airbnb is opening up a world where anyone can fit in anywhere (literally anywhere). Whether you’re searching for a unique experience or just a strange one, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for on this list.

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