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An Open Letter To Discouraged Hoteliers

January 25, 2021 |

This is a guest post by Anouchka Morris of Bridgify team, an all-in-one trip planning solution 

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. Trips were canceled, cultural events postponed and major city attractions were practically deserted. 

Finally, we are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccines are being distributed all around the world, and we are almost at the end of what has been a challenging period for all of us in the travel industry. 

As we look towards the return of travel, we wanted to help with planning and preparations by revealing some tips and tricks that we hope will help all our discouraged and disgruntled hoteliers to get back on their feet and thrive. 

Tip One: Market To The Right Audience  

Since families may not travel straight away, whether that be for monetary reasons, workload, or unwillingness to take the risk, you should begin to focus on other traveler groups. Gen-Z and Millennials are going to be the key to revitalizing the travel industry. This group will likely be the first to begin traveling again the pandemic, many of them have already started.

Consider ways in which to convince them to choose your business and ensure they are an essential step in your journey to recovery. When deciding their travel plans, these digital nomads will first look to social media presence – pictures, reviews, comments etc – for trust, ambiance, and transparency. 

Try to make sure that your online presence outlines what you stand for, and that all your platforms are up to date and aesthetically pleasing. And also encourage active participation from your followers. Travel influencers have the ability to engage current and future guests. Don’t forget, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Tip Two: Improve Guest Experience

Try attracting your guests by creating an upselling program that can include all the departments and amenities you might offer. Room upgrades, breakfast add ons and spa packages are just some of the ways you can entice your guests and have them leave great reviews! Not only is it an incentive for them to return and recommend you, but it will translate into great publicity for future bookings.

You can work with a variety of retailers, restaurants and cultural institutions in your community to curate locally sourced items, activities and experiences to upsell. 

Tip Three: Build Customer Loyalty & Trust In Your Brand

From now on, loyalty won’t just be about prices, points and rewards. Guests want to book with someone who puts their safety first. 

Help them achieve this by being transparent with health regulations, and make that extra effort to increase cleanliness and hygiene throughout your business. Offer them assurances and flexibility, and guarantee them that their health and happiness is your top priority. Make them feel at home by personalizing all aspects of their stay as best as you can. Safety, trust and transparency will become the three most important things in creating loyal customers. 

Navigating 2021 Together 

Here’s to hoping 2021 will be filled with tourists, travelers, and an infinite amount of guests!

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