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7 Commonly Forgotten Items To Provide Your Airbnb Guest

August 03, 2014 |

Forgetting things while you’re traveling sucks. It really does. Rummaging wildly through your suitcase after a long flight, only to discover that what you thought was there, isn’t actually there. It can lead to panicking, frustration, nail biting, and just general bad vibes. But for a host looking to impress, a forgetful Airbnb guest can be a perfect opportunity to stand out as a host who goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Hosts take note – keeping a spare of any of these oft-forgotten items in your home will make any aloof guest squeal with relief and thanks (and probably stellar reviews too):

Toiletries – We’re talking deodorant, toothpaste, soap, combs, nail clippers, and Q-tips. These are the kinds of grooming essentials that usually don’t make it to your destination, either due to TSA confiscation or sheer forgetfulness. Having extras will keep your guests clean and happy.

Phone Charger – The most mortifying thing to forget!  Having a spare iPhone or USB charger is almost guaranteed to come in handy for some poor soul with a dying battery.  And, remember, a guest with a charged phone is likely to be a communicative guest – able to notify you when she checks in, checks out, needs help, or has a question about how the coffee machine works.  Pro-tip: If the thought of doing having to take all these phone calls yourself seems like it could interrupt your day job, don’t stress, Guesty can have you covered 24/7!

Weather Gear – If you live in a particularly hot area, sunscreen and hats are always welcome luxuries to have hanging around the house. In a more wetness-prone climate, an umbrella or even spare rain jackets could save a guest a trip to the dryer (and could save your lovely wood floors!).

A Good Map – Let’s face it, sometimes Google Maps fails. It happens.  And when it happens, it’s always nice to have a physical map to guide you to the nearest WiFi spot ASAP.  Also, including a map of local attractions or food spots adds a personal, hands-on touch to your hosting.

First Aid Kit – Whether your guests are taking beach cruisers down the boardwalk, cliff diving, or just strolling through countryside vineyards, Band-Aids are always an underrated travel companion!  Pro-tip: Word on the street is that Airbnb is providing free First-Aid kits to a limited number of early adopters, as well as Free Smoke & CO Detectors through the rest of 2014 as part of their Home Safety efforts.  Not only is is free, but you’ll also be able to list these features under the Amenities section of your listing.

Reusable Water Bottles – Anybody modern and sophisticated enough to be using Airbnb is definitely modern and sophisticated enough to care about the environment!  So what better than a few reusable Nalgene bottles to keep your guests seated on long days of touring?

Language Guide – One of the best things about traveling to a foreign country is immersing one’s self in a different language.  Nobody remembers to bring a pocketbook of phrases or a translation dictionary, but having one in the house will not only prove useful for your guest’s in dining situations; it might also inspire them to study up and delve deeper into the local culture!

Throw in a hair dryer, some ear plugs, a bag for laundry, and your listing will be officially forget-proof.  Like The Fairy Godmother of neglected stuff, your guests will find your powers of premonition magical.  They will call you a lifesaver, a miracle worker, and, like the great host you are, you’ll answer them with a humble shrug, a wink, and a “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”.

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