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4 Tips To Make You The Best Airbnb Host

March 26, 2018 |

Every Airbnb host wants to do a good job, but have you ever thought to yourself, ‘what does a host need to do to receive guest recommendations?’
As an Airbnb host swimming the same sea as thousands of other property renters, it’s in your best interest to think about the little things. Put yourself in your guests’ shoes and ask yourself what you’d need and want as a vacationer in a foreign city. There are countless ways you can accommodate your guests and let them know that their satisfaction is a priority of yours, but for starters, here are four simple, effective steps you can take to become a host worth recommending.

Airbnb Host, Figure Out Your Guests’ Needs!

1. Help Your Guests Navigate The City

Airbnb host, think about the little things! Your guests may never have visited the city before and may need a city map, something you can certainly provide for them upon arrival, with a useful ‘You are here’ icon pointing at the location of their rental.

Tell your guests where to find various services in the city such as tourist information, supermarkets, the best entertainment area and at least one highly recommended restaurant.

An explanation of the public transportation systems from the rental to central locations can be very helpful.  You can simply leave a brochure at the rental showing the city’s mobility options as well as chauffeur services. With Guesty’s short-term property management software, your guests can easily reach out to you whenever and wherever they need.

2. Spending Time in the Property

Suppose it’s raining outside and your guests want to stay in, what would make their stay more pleasant?
Make sure the property is welcoming. Some snacks in the kitchen and a bottle of wine on the living room table can do the trick. What about a game to play? Maybe a deck of cards? Be creative.
Cooking utensils in the kitchen are basics. If the property has a yard, you can definitely make sure it has a grill and coals, in case your guests want to make their own dinner.

Airbnb Host

3. Provide a First Aid Kit

It’s not the most exciting accessory, but the provision of a first aid kit is critical. Not only will it enable your guests to care for themselves in the event of unexpected injury, but it will also send them an important message: that their well-being is a priority. Whether they ultimately need them or not, immediate access to products such as bandages and disinfectants will offer travelers peace of mind, which is, after all, what vacation is all about.

4. Be Reachable, Provide a Way to Contact You

Questions, problems and mishaps can always arise, and that’s fine; it happens. The best thing to do in these cases is to provide a quick response to your guests. With Guesty’s 24/7 Guest Communication Service, your guests can easily contact one of our experts who can meet their needs and resolve the issue.

Guesty, an all-in-one short-term property management software provides a 24/7 Guest Communication Service that answers all your guests’ questions and needs 24/7. We study your property in all its aspects and provide the information that the guest requires at any time of day.

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