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GuestyVal Speakers

The Voices of GuestyVal: Meet the Lineup for Guesty’s First Ever Short-Term Vacation Rental Festival

GuestyVal is right around the corner and there is so much to look forward to! Guesty can’t wait to greet you all on October 8th, for three action-packed days brimming with opportunity and a variety of unique events aimed at fostering business growth and lasting connections between attendees. From mingling with other prominent members of the industry in the beating heart of Tel Aviv to discovering some of Israel’s most renowned sites, Guesty’s first ever vacation rental festival promises to be one for the books. But the real value of the event lies in its five-star lineup of speakers, comprised…
Channel Manager

Streamline Your Short-Term Rental Operations With Guesty’s Channel Manager

Airbnb,, Rentals United… the list of channels on which short-term property managers can list their rentals goes on and on. And that’s a good thing. More platforms means more travelers are seeing - and hopefully booking - your vacation homes. But seasoned property managers know you can’t just list your rentals and then sit around and let the OTA do all the work. Each channel requires a good deal of maintenance, from updating your properties’ descriptions and adjusting prices to responding to guest inquiries. So more channels might mean more bookings, but it also means a lot more work,…
Guesty’s Reporting Tools

Making Better Decisions With Guesty’s Reporting Tools for Property Managers

It’s our mission here at Guesty to make life as a property manager easier, so that you can make your property management business better. From coming up with solutions to scale your business, or conjuring up creative ways for you to increase revenue, we’re often rattling our brains to save you time and money, so we make it our priority to evaluate each element of short-term property management. One of the most forgotten aspects of your job is generating reports and it’s no wonder why. Your guests never see them, and they don’t say much about how you operate as…
Mobile Marketing Tips

6 Mobile Marketing Tips to Boost Your Vacation Rental Business

According to eMarketer, in 2016 about 51 percent of consumers used their phone or mobile device to book travel or vacation plans, which is a spike of eight percent from the previous year. More people these days use their mobile devices to research and book their travel plans. If you're in the travel and vacation rental business, it is best to amp up your efforts where mobile marketing is concerned. Check out this quick list of ways you can supercharge your mobile marketing efforts as a business owner in the vacation rental business. Email Marketing Tips Did you know in…