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The London Residents Club

How Guesty Helped London Residents Club Provide the Highest Level Of Service

William Parry, Director at The London Residents Club   THE BACKGROUND Childhood friends Tom Archer and Will Parry got their first taste of running a business together in the countryside outside London, where they set up a business to make juice from apples that would otherwise go to waste. After successfully selling the company to a competitor, the pair was hungry for a new venture. Living in Chelsea, Will and Tom wanted to ensure that the many beautiful, vacant properties around them would be put to good use. And so, in 2014, they founded The London Residents Club, a prestigious…
The Different Types of Travelers - Guesty

The Different Types of Travelers

How to Market to and Prepare for Every Type of Traveler   The great thing about being part of the vacation rental industry is that travel appeals to almost everyone. While many industries and businesses turn to specific and limited audiences and try to target them, luckily for you everyone loves to travel, which means you can consider anyone with a passport a potential client. This means your business is highly scalable. It also means you’re going to need to learn how to accommodate a very broad range of guests and make your listings inviting to as many different types…

Guesty Raises $19 Million for Vacation Rental Sales: Travel Startup Funding This Week

Travel startups raised more than $128 million this week. Tel Aviv-based Guesty, which is like a Salesforce for vacation rental property managers, was one of the fortunate companies. — Sean O'Neill

In The Big Chair – Amiad Soto of Guesty

Guesty, a cloud-based tool to manage short-term rental listings across multiple channels such as Airbnb, and Agoda, pulled in nearly $20 million in funding last month. Amiad Soto co-founded Guesty alongside his twin brother in 2013. He has been named to Forbes Israel’s 30 under 30 list.   Q: Looking back at the inception of Guesty, what problem in the industry did you look to solve? Our story began with my brother and me holding cleaning supplies, and realizing we were trying to manage too many tasks at once. When we came to understand the bigger significance of this problem, we…