The Age of Self-Branding In the Vacation Rental Industry

Vacation Rental Industry

In the age filled with labels of who wore what, we find ourselves constantly caught up with branding.
In the vacation rental industry every company is looking for its own angle, but many of these companies, which are privately owned, possess little to no branding. Many companies in the vacation rental industry are searching for ways to make their mark in this competitive online business.

Searching for the perfect website developer can be time consuming and expensive.
As a result, these property owners and managers have been increasingly forced to rely on OTAs as a primary source of bookings, and the expense of using these channels is rising. However, while managers and homeowners in the vacation rental industry are dependent on OTAs, OTAs are dependent on Google.

According to Skift, “Around 70 percent of Expedia and Priceline digital ad spend goes to Google.
This would amount to just over $4 billion in 2016; this includes both AdWords and the much smaller metasearch part of Google.”

While many smaller management companies in the vacation rental industry are merely publishing their listings on the regular OTA’s like Expedia and Priceline, the big players are going the extra effort to create their own booking website.
A booking website not only creates stronger branding but it also allows for independence from these third-party OTAs and therefore cuts out the added on cost. This can be a tremendous saving for many vacation rental companies.

In spite of these challenges facing the vacation rentals industry, it continues to grow and prosper. Guesty has created a way for these vacation rental companies to break free and become independent by creating their own booking websites. These booking websites solve the lack of a strong branding campaign, unnecessary marketing spending, and the overall challenges faced across the vacation rental industry to streamline operations.

The vacation rental industry continues to grow, with new players entering the market every day. Guesty is offering these companies in the vacation rental industry the solution they have been searching for. With SEO options, customizable features, fast performance, and sleek design Guesty’s personalized booking website is the key to a successful branding campaign for vacation rental businesses.



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