The Age of Self-Branding In the Vacation Rental Industry

Self-Branding in the Vacation Rental Industry - Guesty

In an age characterized by labels, branding is everything. It is the key to telling your customers what you’re all about and setting yourself apart from the rest.

In the highly saturated vacation rental industry, differentiating your company from its competitors is crucial, which is why it’s surprising that many of the privately owned players in the field have done little to establish a brand. Though vacation rental managers are eager to separate themselves from the pack and get their businesses noticed, taking the necessary steps to do so (like searching for the perfect website developer) can be time consuming and expensive, leading them to rely on online travel agencies as a primary source of bookings.

Establishing A Brand Through Your Own Company Website

If you’re scratching your head, wondering what the connection is between a brand and a website, here’s a quick rundown. Your company’s brand is, for all intents and purposes, your company’s personality. You know your company inside and out, but your potential clients don’t, and a website is a great way to change that. Everything on your site, from your content to the font it’s written in, will serve as clues, letting viewers know who you are and why you are their best option. Running a business without a site, therefore, is kind of like putting your name up on an online dating platform, but leaving the rest of your profile completely blank.

Recognizing this, the larger companies within the vacation rental sector are hopping aboard the branding train and investing in their own booking websites, which, in addition to helping them to establish and strengthen their brands, also offers them independence from third-party OTAs and the overhead fees that come with them. 

Making It Easy

For smaller companies who are interested in creating a brand, but are unsure of where or how to begin,  Guesty provides the perfect solution – a simple, hassle-free means of creating their own booking websites so they can both claim their independence and generate brand recognition.

Guesty’s platform for the creation of booking websites does away with unnecessary marketing spending as well as the overall challenges that face members of the vacation rental industry when it comes to streamlining operations.

With SEO options, customizable features,sleek designs, and fast performance, Guesty’s personalized booking website is the ticket to a successful branding campaign for vacation rental businesses.

The Age of Self-Branding In the Vacation Rental Industry
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